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ZEREFOS TESSAS ARCHITECTS was founded in 2005 by Stelios Zerefos and Chris Tessas and elaborates on architectural design and construction.
The aim of the practice is the development of innovative buildings that participate in the contemporary architectural dialogues, while at the same time respect the environment. Our projects cover a wide spectrum of building typologies that range from residential and office buildings to research institutes and museums.

Our design proposals reflect the contemporary ways of the inhabitation and the use of buildings by the combination of detailed research on building forms with the composition of spaces according to the users' needs, as well as the external urban fabric.
The design process includes a multitude of different approach methods that start from sketches, diagrams and digital representations to experimentations with building detail models.

During the design process of a building the interior micro-climatic conditions and the energy consumption are studied so that the project can be adopted to the above data with passive and dynamic energy conservation systems, such as solar heating, automatically controlled natural lighting and ventilation and the use of geothermal energy.

The management of the projects is supported by a complemented network of associate architects and engineers, construction workshops and suppliers.

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Aquarium in Faliro, Athens, Greece

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