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Location: Porto Heli, Greece
Year: 2009
Status: Building permit
Area: 120 sq.m.
Team: I. Armeni and T. Bristoyanni

The design of this vacation-house in the area of the Kranidi settlement had as a preliminary requirement the exploitation of the marvelous view of the sea. Based on this fact, the residence is placed on the north edge of the site, extending on its northeast and partly on its northwest side, creating a corner-limit that enfolds the outdoor space of the residence and offers to it privacy from the public road. The landscape design takes under consideration the sloping terrain by creating gradual descent levels, as well as several planted areas, enhancing in every case the privacy of the residence.
The residence develops into three levels: the building’s ground floor includes the common functions (living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom), as well as a guest room, whereas the upper floor consists of two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. The utilities are placed in the basement, as well as the parking lot, and the building services. On account of the residence’s character as a vacation house, the variety of outdoor spaces and their unification with the indoor spaces was a fundamental precondition during the design process. Therefore, in contrast with the small openings on the wall that opposes the view, large openings are placed towards the outdoor space, which, because of their southern orientation, are shaded by awnings and a metallic pergola.
The contradiction between stone on the one hand and white cement plaster on the other enforces the feeling of an envelope that ensures privacy and orientates the residence to the sea.

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