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Up.Re.Info Centre

Location: Athens, Greece
Year: 2011
Status: Design proposal
Area: 400 sq.m.

Workshop team: Alexandridi Myrsini, Chadio Konstanza, Kounas Faidon, Malapani Eleanna, Maragkoudaki Athilena, Mountanea Kyriaki
Team: Frantzi-Gounari Danai and Lazou Alexia (Intern)

The proposed intervention is constructed in an abandoned storage building of 220 sq.m. located south-west of the archaeological park of Academia Platonos in Athens. The site was chosen in order to become a starting point for further similar interventions in a neighborhood which is continuously degraded.
The proposed building programme includes the creation of workshop spaces, an exhibition space, a cafe, and an archive for books and audiovisual material on ecology and environmental issues. In addition, the proposed landscaping of the surrounding areas of the building aim to expand indoor activities towards the exterior through careful interventions. More specifically, the adjacent roads are transformed in to pedestrian routes, while a part of the opposite vacant site is used for outdoor workshops whose work benches serve as recycling depositories.
The preservation of the existing shell was decided aiming at the lowest possible consumption of energy and financial resources. The structural system of the new construction consists of a metal frame which carries the building shell and supports two additional levels which are made of prefabricated materials.
The facades of the building are covered by vertical wooden elements that can be opened at certain points in order to increase solar gains and to achieve natural ventilation and cooling of the interior. Photovoltaic panels are mounted on the roof in order to generate electricity. In the interior, compressed newspapers are used as insulation material for the whole building.
The modification of the selected building could become an example of bioclimatic architectural design aiming at the improvement of the existing abandoned industrial buildings in the area.

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